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A thorough understanding of chemistry, chemical interactions and the role of chemicals in nature is key to understanding and developing their role in a variety of markets in creating a more sustainable future.

Since the inception of society, humankind has strived to utilize minerals and the chemicals they yield to improve the quality of life. The application of chemicals has been the basis for the industrial revolution and the modern technological developments that are implemented at an ever faster pace.  As technologies evolve in globalized markets, it has become obvious that resources are finite, and that modern society has no option but to consider sustainable use of these resources for the benefit of future generations.

ChemCognition LLC was created as a network of specialists who, through extensive years of experience, have learned how to apply novel chemistries using natural processes as guidelines in a variety of markets.  Our expertise is focused on specific chemicals including lithium, peroxygens, silica and magnesium, through new product development strategies spanning from research to product development, marketing and implementation.  

ChemCognition LLC provides expert consulting services to help customers through successful chemical based product development. The markets we serve are focused on concrete, construction products, environment, mining and the oilfield. The chemistries developed can also be adapted in a variety of emerging future applications. We also provide sourcing of key raw or recycled materials. In addition, through alliances with manufacturers, we also provide specialized equipment for the testing and implementation of novel technologies.

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